Structural Pool Repairs

Pool water loss problems can be due to broken pipes, or leaky equipment but also structural cracks in walls or floor.  If the leak is due to a structural crack in the wall or floor, Sherlock can make a permanent repair.

Certified by the state of Florida:

  • Gunite structural repair
  • Vinyl liner repair
  • Fiberglass repair
  • Light repair
  • Replace Skimmers
  • Water feature repair

Cracks Repaired

Structural repair may need to be done if there is a crack in the pool structure itself.
Enough pool water will be removed to give us access to the crack. Steel staples will be embedded across the crack to prevent it from worsening, and then the repair site will be covered with the same color finish as your pool.

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Charlotte County
Sarasota County
Lee & Collier Counties

Warranties on major and minor repairs

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