Trained Pool Technicians

The technicians of Sherlock Leak Detection are trained scuba divers, able to perform a full visual inspection of the pool while testing the plumbing for any leaks.

Our leak detection strategies include:

  • Remove wall returns, pool lights, main drain covers
  • Remove floor return pop-ups
  • Insert various types of plugs and inducers
  • Inject nitrogen gas into pipes
  • Use electronic sonic leak detection devices
  • Dye test pool fixtures and pool finish

Cutting down on water waste

Don’t waste your water this summer! If your pool has a leak, we can offer quality swimming pool services to solve the leak issue.
If you are adding water on a regular basis, it’s possible your pool is leaking. Leaks can be hard to detect. Let our experts handle the leak detection for you.

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30-day warranty on
leak detection

Charlotte County
Sarasota County
Lee & Collier Counties

Electronic leak testing equipment will be used to see if there is an underground leak causing problems.

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